Our on site employees are not only skilled in basic construction techniques but share our desire to do a perfect job in a cost effective way.  We do not use "temporary" labor.

The same can be said for our major sub-contractors.  We have used the same ones over the past  15 years. They know our values and can be trusted to provide the best solutions with cost a major consideration.


Because of our close and long working relationship we have priority when needed. We can efficiently schedule in advance because the trades know each other and are used to working  together as a team.


Either Tom or Karen will be on site everyday to ensure the work flows in continous fashion.


PHG will provide project cost management from day one with cost accounting in real time. We provide frequent updates on actual costs and estimates to complete. We do not like surprises, and neiter do our clients.

Tom and Karen will work with your architect and landscape designer to ensure that those exciting design concepts  can be permited by the city authorities and can be constructed. At times it is necessary to "tweak" a design concept to make it practcal from a construction and cost stand point. 


Our major subcontractors, electrical, plumbing, heating, framing and roofing are involved immediately in refining and detailing the cost estimates to give you the best possible cost forecasts.


Our construction team will do the necessary preparation of your building site, including:


  • demolition and waste removal

  • grading and soils preparation

  • installation of temorary electrical and water supply


We will spend a lot of time, initially,  in getting your project through all the permit requirements that have grown to include county and state environmental and haz mat requirements.

Site Planning and Preparation
Home Styling And Design

One of the advantages of working with PHG is in the expert guidance and assistance available in setting your decor,selecting tile, stone and complemtary colors,  picking out your accessories, fixtures and appliances. These details can be over whelming to most with little or no experience.


Over the years, Karen has demonstrated excellent taste and capability in helping guide the homeowner in the interior design aspects of the new home.  The process includes shopping trips to the many materials and appliance dealers in the area


PHG also has custom cabinet and furniture builders, finishers and upholsterers to  provide the perfect cabinent or furnishings  to fit your style and often save  you a considerable amount of money over "store" bought furnishings.


Our goal is to be sure that  your new home is truly your dream home finished exactly to your taste.  A home you will be proud of because you did it your way.

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